Dawning Graphic Design
Dawning Graphic Design

Nebraska Dept. of Transport.

annual report

The Department of Transportation in Nebraska (NDOT) maintains many roads and bridges throughout Nebraska from minor repairs to large, planned jobs. This report is accessible in general considering the requirements of annual reports from government programs to the public and therefore needs well designed and easily digestible by the public.

Showcases: typography, photography, illustration, branding, & usage of mockups

The Logo

In addition to the annual report, Nebraska Department of Transportation's logo was included to kickoff the new year fresh. Drawing inspiration from the fact that NODT works across the entirety of the state, their abbreviation was created in the shape of the state.

Nebraska Department of Transportation new logo version

In order for drivers to stay safe, this department works night and day to keep things running smoothly especially for long distant driver’s. The colors represent this special consideration for this department.

  • Cover of the Annual Report with a photo of the main office of Nebraska of Transportation.
  • First spread to the publication with table of contents and Director's Message.
  • Third spread. With NDOT being goal-oriented, quick icons are used showing whether each goal was met.
  • Fifth spread. Utilizes an image of Nebraska Highway 2 for the mobility/smoothness of roads information.
  • Last spread, a graph displays the completion of 1 and 5 year projects completed by deadline.