Dawning Graphic Design
Dawning Graphic Design

Body Shop

package design

The Body Shop is a British cosmetics, skin care and perfume company aiming to corner the market of natural, organic skin care products for children. Their new kids' line packaging is designed to feel fresh, natural, goofy, wholesome, and kid-centric appealing to the 2­–9 year olds through fun characters and fonts, yet still expanding upon their current product design to create cohesion and recognition of their entire product line.

Showcases: illustration, photography, & typography

The Characters & Naming

The characters are used playfully to engage the kids and are an important element as these characters can be used in commercials or ads to keep consistency and build up this new kids' soap brand's recognition.

The Information

Illustrated infographics are used on the back to create a clear understanding of the instructions for the young kids using the products.

  • Strawberry Sprinkle soap pump
  • Orange Splash soap pump
  • Green Apple Stream soap pump
  • Back of soap pump packaging with infographics