Dawning Graphic Design
Dawning Graphic Design

Una Tira L'altra

web design

This Italian pasta boutique features a variety of handmade pastas for both long time food connoisseurs and others looking for something a little different to grace their table. Started by two sisters in 2009, they hope to not only provide their customers with delicious pastas, but to also enrich local culture by means of sharing their family’s traditions and showing that Italian cuisine began in homes, not high-end dining.

Showcases: typography, photography, branding, & usage of mockups

The Logo

Warm colors and stringy typeface are used to create the feeling like noodles yet still giving an italian feel.

Una Tira L'altra pasta shop logo

The Website

The sisters wanted their website to feel warm, inviting, and engaging like the customers are a part of their family with its style and content.

Una Tira L'altra's home website page.
Una Tira L'altra's pasta website page.
Una Tira L'altra's recipe website page.
Una Tira L'altra website on multiple devices