Dawning Graphic Design
Dawning Graphic Design



Apex is a financial application meant to make budgeting and saving a snap. The idealists behind this structure want to help their users to reach their budget goals, getting them out of any debt they may have and out into a brighter, hopeful light but to still know they have room for growth.

Showcases: typography, branding, illustration, & usage of mockups

The Logo

In order to get to the apex of a mountain, there are stops that need to be taken along the way. An pictorial logo was created to represent one of these stops along the way as the plateau. A goal of saving or getting out of debt with room to grow and keep on saving.

Apex logo

The App

Angles were used throughout pulling from the logo to solidify the overall branding of their application.

The screens shown are a select few to represent the app.

  • Apex dashboard screen
  • Apex add account screen
  • Apex single transaction screen
  • Apex budgets screen
  • Apex expense graph per budget screen