Dawning Graphic Design
Dawning Graphic Design

Action Against Hunger

social activism campaign

The money spent on lottery tickets can be better put towards other funds than national, state, and individual self-regards and could actually solve worldwide problems such as hunger, clean water, and disease. A lottery–inspired style was used in order to not have any diversions from the message.

Showcases: typography, & usage and creation of mockups

The Guerrilla Marketing

These "lotto tickets" would be handed out free on the streets in order to initially convince passerbys to take them. When they go to check their ticket later on they will find facts, disclaimers and make them think about what they could do with their money instead of spending so much on lottery tickets.

Lottery Ticket informational handout.

These posters will be hung around gas stations and direct the customers to the website or inside to buy a fund raising scratcher ticket sold there. This scratcher ticket gives them a reward in the way of giving the donater a restaurant coupon.

  • Poster reads '15% of lottery sales could solve world hunger'
  • Action against hunger scratcher ticket.